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Delinquent Tax Oath Form

  1. Address

    After completion, please print and mail this form to the Tax Director's office or Tax Equalization department at:
    524 4th Ave NE
    Unit 7
    Devils Lake, ND 58301

    For questions contact the department by calling 701-662-7012.

  2. Delinquent Tax Oath

    The 2003 Legislature made a requirement that a person is unqualified to be the highest bidder for property at an annual sale if they owe delinquent taxes to any county.

    To ensure that only qualified bidders purchase property, all bidders are required to certify that they do not owe any delinquent taxes in North Dakota.

  3. Declaration

    I declare, that by signing below, I hereby certify that under the penalties of perjury, and/or under NDCC 12.1-11-02, which provides for a Class A Misdemeanor for making a false statement in a governmental matter, that I do not owe any 2014 and/or prior years of property taxes in any county in North Dakota.

  4. County of Ramsey
    State of North Dakota

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